Mobile billboards are an excellent way to reach a wide audience of potential customers while they are out on their daily commute. Here are three tips that can help you design a successful mobile billboard advertisement for your business.

Use Eye-Grabbing Design Elements

On the most basic level, getting people to look at your mobile billboard is the key to success. It is especially important to use eye-grabbing design elements for this type of advertisement, as your potential customers will often only be exposed to the advertisement for a few seconds as the truck passes by.

Including vibrant and contrasting colors in your design is an excellent way to create an ad that stands out from the rest of the road. Avoid muted greens, grays, and browns, as these hues have a tendency to blend in with the rest of a driver's surroundings.

For another tactic, consider using your business's mascot somewhere in the advertisement. (Consider creating one if you don't have one already!) The human eye is naturally drawn to recognizable faces, so a mascot will make it more likely that people will notice your advertisement and read the text.

Readability is Key

Using vibrant colors is beneficial up to a point, but you should shy away from color schemes that are conflicting or, put simply, obnoxious. Bright neon colors or colors that clash can make it difficult for drivers to read the text on your advertisement, defeating the purpose of getting it noticed in the first place.

Any messages you place on your mobile billboard advertisement should be brief and to the point. This is not only because drivers will need to be able to read it quickly, but also because it allows more room for larger fonts so that potential customers can understand your message easily and from further away.

Incorporate a Call to Action

Driving takes a significant amount of focus. Unless you give readers a good reason to remember your advertisement, they are likely to forget it before they reach their destination. Incorporating a call to action in your advertisement will let customers know exactly how they can benefit from the product or service you offer.

Always place your phone number on your advertisement with an invitation to call. Adding a special discount or other unique offer will provide a compelling reason for customers to make the call.

Mobile billboard advertising is not difficult if you understand the unique requirements of the medium. Use these tips to create a mobile billboard ad that will attract as many potential customers as possible.