Buying a seasonal gift for your C-level executive when you are a "lower on the totem pole" employee is difficult. After all, what do you get the man or woman who owns and operates the company? Fortunately, every executive needs a handsome pen set to sign contracts and take care of other important business matters. If your boss already has a pen set, you and your fellow employees can still purchase one or more of the following executive pen accessories as the perfect holiday gift.

Travel Case

Some pen sets already come with their own travel cases, but many other pens arrive without a carrying case. These carrying cases prevent ink leaks and protect pens from damage. If your boss doesn't already have a travel case, he or she will appreciate having one to more easily transport the pen set. If your boss already has a travel case, he or she will appreciate a newer, more stylish case model.

Ink Supply Jars

Several executive pen sets are fountain pens. These pens work by drawing ink up into the pen's chamber. That means that your boss would probably appreciate a gift of ink supply jars with the fountain pen set. A couple of small ink jars should keep his or her new pens filled for about a month or more, depending on the frequency with which your boss uses his or her pens.


Rocking blotters are one of the most popular items to accompany a gift of executive pens because your boss can immediately put them to good use. Blotters soak up any extra ink on the paper. They can also help keep wet ink from bleeding across the page. In the event that your boss or someone else in his office tips over an entire bottle of ink, blotters can help soak up some of the spilled ink to prevent damage to important documents and expensive furniture.

Pen Nibs

Executive and fountain pen nibs can wear down over time, so most people who use these pens keep a few extra nibs on hand. Some higher-end pen sets come equipped with extra nibs, but if you and your fellow employees plan to purchase a more modest pen set, it may not contain very many extra nibs. You can always buy the nibs separate of the pens, which makes pen nibs a great gift idea if your boss already has several executive pens