If you're putting together a local sporting event, or you have a team you manage, selling tickets is what keeps you going and keeps you in business. Thanks to modern technology, new software platforms specially designed for sports ticket sales are available that will give you the exposure you need while providing customers with an easy ticket purchasing experience. Here are some things you should look for when you choose a sports ticketing service or software.

Integrated Advertising

A good ticket sales management program will allow you to not only market the event, but also enable customers to purchase their tickets immediately through the provided link. Giving patrons the ability to print their tickets at home will increase your sales. Use a module that can integrate into social media platforms so that anyone who's interested in the event can simply click the link, purchase the tickets, and have them printed instantly. Customers want convenience, and by providing them with quick easy access to tickets, you will see an uptick in sales.

Event Management

In order to be sure you're selling the correct number of tickets, you will need to use a software program that can properly track your overall attendance based on sales. This software can tell you how many seats have been sold, and give customers the ability to choose the location of their seats when possible. You will need to provide the software company with the layout of your sports facility, and the total number of available seats. They will be able to accurately assign seats and tickets to people without you having to worry about either over-selling or duplicating tickets in certain seating areas.

Advanced Features

New ticket purchasing software can provide you and your sports facility with accurate details of sales and give your customers plenty of great options when they go to purchase a ticket. Here are some advanced features that can make your next sporting event successful:

  • Integrated payment platforms should be provided that allow customers to pay via credit card, online payment processing platforms, or even with their bank or checking account.
  • Group ticket purchasing options should be made available to provide buyers with instant discounts when a minimum group number of tickets are purchased.
  • Promotional coupon codes can be applied for customers who take advantage of specific discounts you've created.
  • Online seating charts should be provided to all ticket buyers so they can choose which seats they want to purchase.

With all of these added features, you can be sure your next sporting event will go off without a hitch and that your sales will be high each and every time you host an event.