Stadium advertising is highly effective because it's displayed before a captive audience of onlookers, and product exposure only increases for televised games. You can maximize the effectiveness of stadium advertising by following the tips below.

Appeal to the Fans

Many of the people who show up at a stadium for the game are there to root for the home team. Using this loyalty to your advantage can help your audience develop a stronger appreciation or preference for your product. If possible, use the home team's logo or mascot in the advertisement. If there's no way to sensibly work this information into the design, try making subtle use of the team's colors instead. Working this into your advertisement can help you broaden your product's fan base and may deepen their loyalty to your company.

Keep it Simple

Advertisements with a lot of words, complex plots and deeper meanings are easy to ignore, especially when there's action on the field. Advertisements that use only one word, one picture and one idea can be taken in at a glance. This can help get your message out to the fans even as they scan the stadium while looking for the ball. As you design your advertisement, the following tips will help you simplify your ad:

  • Limit the colors. The more colors there are in your advertising, the more processing time it will take for your audience to comprehend your advertisement. Limit the colors to just two or three at most.
  • Make use of negative space. The empty space around the words and pictures in your advertisements prevents the image from becoming cluttered and difficult to understand. Incorporate as much negative space as possible when designing your advertisement.
  • Use logos in place of words. They say that a picture equals a thousand words, and that can be true. Logos and pictures can be taken in faster than words because they don't have be read, only recognized. When practical, remove words and replace them with logos.

Place Your Advertisement Near the Action

It may cost more money to put your advertisement down by the field or up near the scoreboard, but placement is everything in a stadium. If your advertisement is close to a location that sees a lot of action or gets a lot of visual exposure, then your design will have a greater impact and make your company more money. If your advertisement is in a location where people are less likely to pay attention, like in a hallway or behind stadium seating, your ad will miss many opportunities for exposure.

Following these tips can help make your advertisement as effective as possible, and that can help increase sales.