Mobile billboards – indicative of their name – are just that; billboards on the move. Having a billboard that is mobile can add a unique feature to your business's visible outdoor marketing strategy. Below is an explanation of what a mobile billboard is and why having a mobile billboard can be an excellent idea for your company.

  • What Exactly is a Mobile Billboard?

Mobile billboards are large advertising signs or banners that are constantly in transit. They're usually a large advertising display on the side of public transportation or a truck. 

Area transit systems sell advertising space on the side of their buses, trains, or trolley cars. Certain trucking companies also market sign space on the sides of their big rigs.

One thing that needs to be understood is that there really isn't anything exacting about a mobile billboard. By basic definition, it is a billboard that is moving, and that allows for infinite possibilities for advertising.

  • Smaller Mobile Billboards On the Move

Mobile billboards do not have to be as massive as highway billboards because they are closer to their target. You will not need a huge sign that a person driving their car down the interstate  can see from a quarter mile away.

Since mobile billboards are closer to the viewer, the can be smaller and, therefore, less expensive. These smaller advertising signs generate their appeal by being constantly on the move.

A mobile billboard can also be designed to specifically fit the mode of transportation. Signs can be placed in the back of pickup trucks, on top of car roofs, and even erected on pull-behind trailers. This latter type of mobile billboard is trending in some of the larger metropolitan areas.

Although a smaller sign, mobile billboards are still big enough to attract the attention of passersby. A motorcycle, horse, or even a bicycle can pull them through the city streets, turning heads for sure. 

  • New Places in Front of New Faces

Fixed billboard advertising is exactly that; a huge sign advertising your business that is stuck in the same spot. Viewers will eventually not even notice the sign day after day.

There is a mental phenomenon that you may have experienced in your everyday life. Pictures on the wall in your house, post-it notes stuck to your refrigerator, or other visual queues that you see every single day are completely overlooked. The mind has a way of eventually just tuning out those visual reminders.

People passing by the same billboard everyday won't mentally register it at all. However, this is not the case with a mobile billboard. People will see your billboard in different places, at different times, and in different situations. Each time, your advertising dollars will have a chance to make an impression on a potential customer.

There are countless ways to create a unique outdoor marketing strategies using mobile billboards. Consider giving mobile billboards a try and watch your advertising dollars on the move. For more information, talk to a company like Billboards 2Go.