When it comes to your competitors, do you have an edge over them? If you are lucky, your clients may come back to you simply because they like you or because it is a habit. However, you can't count on either one of these things. Instead, you need to make sure that you keep your clients happy through business as well as entertainment. Here are three client entertainment ideas that you may want to consider implementing, which will work with existing and prospective clients:

Host Your Own Dinner and Invite a Wine Expert.

Many individuals will take their clients out to business meetings at fancy restaurants, and this can get pretty pricey, depending on just how many clients you need to pay for. So, an affordable alternative would be to host your own dinner. You can either prepare your own meal or have the meal catered in from a cheaper, yet established restaurant. To help make the evening special, hire a wine expert to speak at your dinner. He or she can explain how to pair wine with food. This will give your dinner a personal touch and help to inspire conversation.

Have a Casino Night.

After a long, hard day at a work, many of your clients may be able to relax by bouncing some dice and throwing some chips on the table. A casino-themed corporate event can provide your clients with an atmosphere that is fun and alive, which will encourage them to participate in the games.

Rent a Yacht.

Live in a big city? You may want to consider renting a yacht and take your clients out on it. You can take your clients on a cruise around sunset, which is something that many individuals do not have the luxury of doing in a larger city and it is a great way to impress your current as well as potential clients. A yacht provides the perfect location for you to foster relationships in comfort, while also ensuring that you can remain flexible throughout the duration of the event. Don't forget to make sure that you have some finger foods (or more extensive fare, such as a full buffet), wine, and other beverages available for your guests.

With client entertainment events like these, there is a good chance that you will find yourself with phone calls within a week or so with clients asking to re-up their contracts in addition to clients (and maybe even others) still talking about the event that you put on. For more client entertainment ideas or assistance in pulling everything together, consider reaching out to a marketing professional in your local area.